Stocks, Bonds, and Cash

These are the core components of an investment portfolio.  The harder part is deciding what percentage goes in each bucket.  Then, you have to pick which stocks, or funds, or ETFs, or … you get the point.  Easier said then done.

What’s the best way?

  • Stocks 60%
  • Bonds 30%
  • Cash 10%

Our Investment Process

We begin with your goals, time frames, and objectives.  When do you need the money?  How much will you need?  How long does it have to last?  Once we know your goals, we “work backward” to determine what rate-of-return you’ll likely need to reach your goals.  Do you need 6% per year?  Maybe 8%?  What if you need 11%?

We Make The Adjustments

Based on your goals – which lead us to your return needed – but what about your risk?  How much volatility can you handle?  Do you know your RiskNumber?  Most people think they can tolerate volatility – until it actually happens to them.  Do you know how your portfolio is structured?  Would you lose sleep if your investment accounts went down 10%?  How about 20%?  Do you even know?


Disclosure: Allocations shown are hypothetical. for illustrative purposes only, and not based on the needs of any one individual client. Please consult with your financial advisor prior to making any investment decisions.

  • Stocks 50%
  • Bonds 30%
  • Cash 20%

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