The Market Cannot Be Controlled or Predicted.

Hopefully, this sounds intuitive to you.  We believe the market zigs and zags at a moment’s notice, for no apparent reason, and no one, not even financial advisors, can predict in advance what will happen.  Unless your goals have changed – we build your portfolio to fund your long-term financial goals – then there is probably no reason to change your portfolio due to the normal market ups and downs.

Stock Market Advances are Permanent – Its Declines are Always Temporary.

Human nature is what it is.  It is natural to fear loss more than to hope for gain.  However, there’s a profound distinction between volatility and loss.  In Stocks For The Long Run, Dr. Jeremy Siegel says, Fear has a greater grasp on human action than does the impressive weight of historical evidence.”

Our highest function is that of a behavioral advisor.  Our best use may be to convince you not to give into fear, to not sell.  That decisive decision may one day be the most important decision you make.

There’s No Such Thing as No Risk.

Investments, or heaven forbid, a retirement income portfolio, designed around “fixed” and “guaranteed” products is death by a thousand paper cuts.  Those investments get destroyed in a decades-long retirement by rises in living costs.  A long-term retirement income portfolio needs to have its income rise to preserve purchasing power.

A Portfolio Is Not a Plan.

Families and businesses need a well-thought out plan, one that’s written down, made as specific as possible and funded by systematic monthly investments – no matter the market conditions.

Optimism Is The Only Realism.

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